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12th Annual Mallards Game Tailgate Fundraiser

Dane County CDBG Down Payment and Closing Cost Program Guidelines

Dane County Momentum Down Payment and Closing Cost Program Guidelines

Rosemary Crump & Family - FHLBC Award Winners!

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2014 Movin' Out Annual Report

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2014 Movin' Out
Annual Report

Movin' Out's new home at 902 Royster Oaks.

Home Savings Bank
Housing 365 Contest

Many thanks to each of you who took the time and made the effort to vote for Movin’ Out, Inc. in the recent Home Savings Bank Housing 365 contest through Facebook. Madison area nonprofit organizations focused on housing were eligible to compete.

Home Savings Bank will donate $1,000 to the winner. Congratulations to Common Wealth Development, Inc. for winning! Common Wealth is a long-time friend of Movin’ Out and they do great work. Movin’ Out came in a strong second out of a field of eight.
Thanks to Home Savings Bank for sponsoring the contest and for its strong support of nonprofits.


Maureen Arcand, Unstoppable Spirit

Consider Contributing to the
The Maureen Arcand Unstoppable
Spirit Memorial Fund

Remembering Maureen...

Arcand Award Winners

Five pioneering affordable housing advocates: Kate Kruger, Larry Gleasman, Judy Wilcox, Doris and Gordon Knaack, and James P. Carter were honored recently by Movin’ Out with Arcand Awards. These awards are named to recognize the leadership of Maureen Arcand, a former Movin’ Out board member, former Dane County Board Supervisor, and lifetime disability and housing advocate. More...

The Board of Directors and the staff of Movin’ Out, Inc. are honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of stronger communities by supporting individuals with disabilities and their families to live in safe, affordable housing.

In partnership with people with disabilities and their allies, we create and sustain community-integrated, safe, affordable housing solutions.

Bank Mutual is a Great Friend!!!

Bank Mutual holds the first mortgage loans on 16 rental housing properties owned by Movin’ Out companies. The Bank has lowered the interest rates on these loans effective May 1st by 1.435% per annum. The result is an annual savings to Movin’ Out of $15,260.76!!
Movin’ Out plans to apply the savings to the cost of improved property management services for these properties, all for the benefit of the low-income people with disabilities who live there.