Building the Potential for Citizens & Neighbors

Movin’ Out Strategic Goals 2018-2023

Movin’ Out’s Mission

Movin’ Out partners with people with disabilities, their families, and their allies, to create and sustain community-integrated, safe, affordable homes.

Movin’ Out’s Vision

Movin’ Out strives to be the premier source of affordable, community-integrated housing solutions for people with disabilities in Wisconsin and beyond.

What We Do

Movin’ Out brings people and housing solutions together.  Home ownership and quality rental housing become affordable, accessible options for people with disabilities, veterans, and others, thanks to the assistance and resources Movin’ Out provides.  We work with people to find homes that meet the preferences and needs of their household members—homes located in the ordinary neighborhoods that form a community. Wisconsin home seekers have an advocate in Movin’ Out.

Movin’ Out provides information and advice, referrals and resources to form a tailored housing plan. Home ownership or rental subsidies are reserved for home seekers who qualify as households with low-to-moderate incomes.  We primarily focus on income-qualified households that include a person who has a permanent intellectual, physical or mental health disability.  We help with ideas for home ownership, home repair, accessibility improvements and rental housing.  Movin’ Out works to achieve lasting housing success.

Movin’ Out’s Strategic Goals

The Movin’ Out board of directors, staff, and informed allies met in early January, 2018, to point the way forward over the next five years. While the environment in which Movin’ Out operates has always been dynamic, the consensus was that these next five years will be rich in both opportunities and challenges. To meet these, we generated five strategic goals to guide us through a time of changing leadership at Movin’ Out, changing structures of supportive services for our constituency, and changing state and federal housing policy priorities that Movin’ Out relies on to meet our ambitions for affordable, inclusive housing that promotes the success of people with disabilities as citizens and as our neighbors. The complete strategic plan includes measurable objectives with timelines.

Goal 1: Movin’ Out: Mobilizing Citizen Neighbors

As it aims toward its 25th year in 2020, Movin’ Out will continue to be a unique source of partnership with people with disabilities, their families, and their allies, to create and sustain community-integrated, safe, affordable homes with the knowledge and confidence that a stable home is the launching pad for belonging, neighborliness, and citizenship.

Goal 2: Real Estate Development

Over the next five years, Movin’ Out will build on its proven capacity to undertake complex real estate development projects because we know such projects have a powerful impact in meeting Movin’ Out’s mission and contribute to Movin’ Out’s stability.

Goal 3: Home Ownership

Over the next five years, Movin’ Out will allocate the financial and staff resources to sustain Movin’ Out’s original flagship achievement, its home ownership program, an initiative that has generated more than 1,500 Movin’ Out home owner households in communities throughout Wisconsin.

Goal 4: Rental Asset Management and Tenant Success

In five years, Movin’ Out will have well-researched, evidence-based, time-tested models for (1) managing its rental property and partner project assets and (2) supporting tenants in scattered site properties owned and managed by Movin’ Out and tenants with disabilities in the partner project properties so that they sustain success as tenants.

Goal 5: Movin’ Out will hire an executive director to lead our organization and serve its constituents

By May 1, 2018, Movin’ Out will have hired an executive director capable of promoting Movin’ Out’s unique mission and accomplishments to multiple communities of interest. This executive director will be responsible for leading its long-term strategic direction; planning and managing its growth and success; will be prepared to guide the daily operations of this housing development and housing counseling agency, unique in its capacity to create opportunities for people with disabilities and their families to know their options, have a plan, and secure a safe, affordable, unlicensed, and community-integrated home as a home owner or a lease holder.




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