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Movin’ Out 's
Milwaukee Home Buyer Program

Movin' Out Home Buyer Program helps households that include family members with disabilities to purchase their own homes.

The Movin’ Out Home Buyer Program is a new home buyer assistance resource, now available to first-time home buyers with low incomes. Down payment assistance funds are available to households purchasing in most Milwaukee County communities other than the City of Milwaukee. The program targets home ownership for households that include a household member with a permanent disability.

On behalf of the Milwaukee County Division of Housing, Movin' Out will provide information, help prospective home owners develop a housing plan, and provide no-interest deferred loans that can help reduce the amount borrowed in the first mortgage.

“Stable housing is a proven strategy for reducing the vulnerability of adults or children with disabilities. For many households, home ownership is a good option to explore,” said James Mathy, Director of the Milwaukee County Division of Housing, which administers the Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME), the source of funding for the Movin' Out Home Buyer Program.


Movin' Out home buyer assistance can be applied to the purchase of a home in most Milwaukee County communities outside the city limits of Milwaukee. Eligible households will have incomes of 80% county median income or less. For a household of four, the income limit is $56,250. For a household of two, the limit is $45,000. The amount of home buyer assistance will vary based on a buyer’s home purchase funding gap. Movin’ Out Home Buyer loans are anticipated to range from $15,000 to $20,000. The funds can be used toward the purchase of a home valued up to $171,000.

The Movin' Out Home Buyer program equips first-time home buyers with the information they need plus the funds that will help them meet a higher down payment threshold required by some mortgage loans. The home buyer assistance comes in the form of a no-interest loan. The loan is deferred: there are no monthly payments. The home buyer assistance loan is repaid at the time of re-sale. Movin' Out is a statewide non-profit home ownership agency.

Home buyers, mortgage lenders, realtors, service providers, and other interested people may learn more about the Movin’ Out Home Buyer Program by contacting a Movin' Out housing counselor at 608/251-4446 extension 7

Movin' Out has assisted more than 1,300 low-income people with disabilities to purchase their own homes throughout the state—with more than 200 of these home owners purchasing in Milwaukee County.

Contact a Movin' Out
housing counselor at:
608 251 4446 extension 7


Families may use this toll-free number:
877 861 6746 extension 7