Please take 2 minutes today and every day through July 13th.

Click on Poll.

Click on the Movin’ Out icon.
Click submit.
That’s it.

This is a wonderful and supportive opportunity that HOME SAVINGS BANK has given us.

Anyone can vote once every 24 hours. Please forward this link to your friends & ask them to vote. We are competing against seven other nonprofit organizations that focus on housing for low-income people. At the end of the day on the 13th, the nonprofit with the most votes wins $1,000 from HOME SAVINGS BANK. You do not have to be a Facebook user to vote. You may want to add a recurring appointment to your calendar so you remember to vote daily through July 13th. That will make it easy for you to remember.


For those of you who are not from Madison or Stoughton, you may be unfamiliar with HOME SAVINGS BANK, but it has been an important, generous and leading member of our community for decades. It has financed housing for thousands through the years, and plenty that is affordable for low-income households.

Please take time to learn more about HOME SAVINGS BANK by visiting its website.

THANK YOU for taking the time to vote and support Movin’ Out. THANK YOU to HOME SAVINGS BANK for providing this opportunity to us.