Who is Movin’ Out?

  • Movin’ Out is a state-wide nonprofit housing organization. Our mission is to provide affordable housing options to households that include a family member with a permanent disability

  • Movin’ Out assists households with both home ownership and affordable rental opportunities.

  • Movin’ Out provides specialized housing counseling to assist households to create and carry out a housing plan.

  • Movin’ Out has over 20 years of experience and has assisted over 1,661 Movin’ Out home owners and rental tenants.

  • Movin’ Out partners with other developers to develop housing that includes some units marketed to people with disabilities.

  • Movin' Out has an ownership interest in 166 units reserved for people with disabilities. These are integrated within 31 developments with a total of 671 units. The Movin' Out apartments are affordable, new, and barrier free. Some are built to meet the highest standards of accessibility.

  • Movin’ Out develops community-integrated housing that does not require licensing for supportive services provided therein.

  • Movin’ Out does not provide any direct care giving services but does coordinate with other service providers and funders to ensure that all households we assist are able to maintain their housing.



Why partner with Movin’ Out?

  • Movin’ Out provides access to a strong market of stable, high quality tenants.

  • Movin’ Out has extensive experience in securing housing subsidies (HOME, AHP, CDBG, others) for projects. Movin’ Out is certified as a Community Housing Development Organization in five HOME jurisdictions.

  • Movin’ Out staff has many years of affordable housing development experience and is well-versed in developing LIHTC and HUD Section 811-financed integrated housing projects in partnership with other developers.

  • Movin’ Out has state-wide long-standing working relationships with Wisconsin county human service and Family Care agencies and will establish and provide ongoing coordination for project supportive services.
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