Now that you have reviewed the Movin' Out website, you can see what Movin' Out accomplishes for people with disabilities. We hope you share the spark that animates our work: that people with disabilities can find success and stability in owning or renting their own home—and this stability associated with ‘home’ ripples out to anchor stability in all the realms of their lives.

How do you measure success? We see it in the lives of 1,200 Movin' Out home owners in every region of Wisconsin and the growing number of people who rent affordable, accessible homes integrated into welcoming neighborhoods.

Another measure of our success is your endorsement. Your recognition of Movin' Out as an organization worthy of your support honors our work and validates the accomplishments of our housing counselors, property manager, real estate developer and those of us planning and managing this trim, charitable, non-profit enterprise.


  1. Friends of Movin' Out who together donated more than $10,000 within the last year to launch the Movin' Out Homestead Fund.
  2. Scott Sneve and other Movin' Out home owners who have made provisions in their estate planning to deed their homes to Movin' Out upon their deaths.
  3. Fire Fighters Local 311 for donating their strength and skills to make the homes of Movin' Out home owners and tenants more accessible, enjoyable, and safe.
  4. Realtors Association of South Central Wisconsin and its affordable housing equal opportunities committee for hosting the Mallards Tail Gate and Game annual fundraiser (Join us on July 25!)
  5. Blackhawk Church volunteers for sprucing up Movin' Out rental properties.
  6. Herb Nelson for photographing Movin' Out home owners, renters, and their homes.
  7. Foley partner Doug Buck and his associate, Kevin Martin, for their pro bono legal services.
  8. Brad Dakan for managing the Movin' Out Wisconsin facebook page.
  9. Terre Carlson for her writing talents.
  10. The 12 members of the Movin' Out board of directors whose values and expertise guide this organization.
  11. The three people who donated their cars to Movin' Out via Donate for Charity.
  12. The 29 people who reviewed Movin' Out via Great Nonprofits.
  13. The growing number of people who ‘like’ us on facebook.


Use your credit card
on-line using Paypal:

Send a check payable to:

Movin' Out
902 Royster Oaks Drive
Suite 105
Madison, WI

Josh Greteback

David Rideout

Arcand Awards: Arlyn Sandow, Kathleen Falk, Susan Helgesen

Please consider contributing to Movin' Out in the following ways:

1. Movin' Out Homestead Fund
Your tax-deductible contributions to this dedicated fund will be pooled with other funds raised to assist Movin' Out home owners and tenants to make improvements that increase accessibility, safety, and soundness of their homes. Any donation amount is welcome.

2. Make a tax-deductible donation.
Each year, Movin’ Out is grateful to receive donations that range from $25 to $5,000. Designate Movin’ Out in your annual workplace fundraising drive.

3. Donate your old car.
Movin' Out can now accept the proceeds from a donated vehicle from anyplace in the country. Vehicles are picked up free of charge at your home, office, dealership or repair shop! Your vehicle can be running or not. You don't even need to be home when the vehicle is towed. Our vehicle donation program is made possible through our partnership with Donate For Charity.

4. Contribute your talent.
Movin' Out seeks volunteers who are adept at social networking, skilled in photography or writing, or willing to roll up sleeves and help us tend our rain gardens, flower beds, and landscaping. To match your talents with our needs, contact us at