Interim Executive Director
Amy Wedekind Kallas

Housing Counselors
Sara Hurley
Paula Tiffany
Rebecca Wiese

Rental Property Coordinator
Mary Myers

Housing Development
Dave Porterfield

Program Compliance Manager
Amy Wedekind Kallas

Administrative Support
Andre Brown

Movin' Out

902 Royster Oaks Drive
Suite 105
Madison, WI 53714-9101

608) 251-4446 ext. 7
toll free for applicants:

1-877-861-6746 ext. 7
fax: (608) 819-0623


If you would like to help people with disabilities find success and stability in owning or renting their own home.


Persons with hearing or speech disabilities:

Dial 7-1-1 to connect to Telephone Relay Services (TRS) from any phone in the United States. The relay service will then connect you to Movin' Out’s phone number: 608/251-4446.

If you need an interpreter, translator or other accommodations to speak with us, please call Movin' Out at least five business days before the meeting.