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If you would like to help people with disabilities find success and stability in owning or renting their own home.


Maureen Arcand -
The Unstoppable
Spirit Memorial Fund

The Unstoppable Spirit Memorial fund has been established by Movin' Out, Inc. at Maureen Arcand's request and in honor of her decades of never ending work to promote the development of real and ordinary homes for persons who have disabilities. Maureen was laser focused on the importance of everyone having the fundamental need and right for a home; a safe, affordable and accessible home to live, love and laugh in so neighborliness results for everyone. Her devotion to fairness, liberty and common sense resulted in incredible contributions nationally, statewide and locally. Her virtues of honesty and superior listening will guide this important resource and her Unstoppable Spirit will always be the rudder that steers Movin' Out, Inc.

James P. Carter Honored as Arcand Life Time Advocate

James Carter is General Counsel, Secretary, and Senior Vice President at BankMutual and has been a Movin’ Out board member for15 years. He is a committed advocate and effective collaborator in furthering the partnership between BankMutual and Movin’ Out. Through this partnership, more than 1,400 homeowners have purchased and/or rehabbed their homes and scores of Movin’ Out tenants have secured stable and affordable rental homes. Jim’s knowledge, commitment and advocacy have helped so many citizens with disabilities throughout the state of Wisconsin to thrive in their own homes.

Among her other many, many contributions to our community, Maureen Arcand was a long-time member of the Board of Directors of Movin’ Out, Inc. She served as President for much of the time she was on the Board. Maureen's passing truly is a great loss to Movin’ Out as well as to the disability movement locally and statewide. We mourn her passing.

Arcand Parent Visionary:
Doris and Gordon Knaack

Doris Knaack and her late husband, Gordon, were recently honored with the Arcand Parent Visionary Award. Through every stage of Larry Knaack’s life, his parents, Doris and Gordon, were pioneers in advocacy, always pushing ahead to make sure Larry experienced first hand the value of home the value of home, friendship, and productive work. Fifteen years ago, Doris and Gordon bought a home for Larry to share with long-time friend Jon. As Larry’s parents approached their 90s, they put into practice their long standing plan to transfer ownership of Larry’s home to an entity that would perpetually support Larry’s tenancy in the home. Doris and Gordon deeded the home to Movin’ Out, confident that Movin’ Out’s mission and capacity to operate affordable and accessible housing would provide the certainty and stability they sought for their son Larry.

Doris Knaack, Visionary

Kate Kruger, Unstoppable Spirit

Successful Home Owner
Kate Kruger Acknowledged for
her Unstoppable Spirit

Kate Kruger is a leading edge millennial. In her 30s, she has owned her downtown condo for more than a decade. Kate loves her home, shares a sense of belonging with her neighbors, and is known for hosting the best Halloween party of the season. She puts her energy into work that she loves and has co-workers who have her back and recognize the value and charm that Kate brings to her job. Kate loves jokes and word play, just like her mom, Dee.

For her success as a Movin’ Out home owner and neighbor, Kate was recently honored with the Arcand Unstoppable Spirit Award.

Movin' Out Honors the Lifetime Work of Larry Gleasman

Larry Gleasman was one of five to receive awards at Movin' Out's recent Arcand Awards event.. He was presented with the Arcand Pioneer Award. A pioneer is one who is the first in any program; to be first to open a new territory; to take part in the beginnings; to be the initiator who introduces new knowledge on a specific subject.

Larry Gleasman, Arcand Pioneer Award winner, and Maureen Arcand

Larry served on the Dane County Board of Supervisors for four terms from 1979 to 1984. He was a member of the Dane County Housing Authority. He chaired the county Human Services Committee where he was instrumental in fair housing legislation. His impact is felt in the fair housing protections incorporated in statutes that are still in place. Larry admirably served for 20 years as the Government Affairs Director for the Realtors of South Central Wisconsin (RASCW). He tracked and influenced legislation locally and at the state level. He chaired the RASCW Affordable Housing/Equal Opportunities Committee that hosts the annual Mallards fundraiser for Movin' Out.

Judy Wilcox, recipient of the Arcand Social Justice Award.

Movin’ Out Honors Judy Wilcox with Arcand Social Justice Award

Judy Wilcox was among five pioneering affordable housing advocates to be honored recently by Movin’ Out with Arcand Awards. These awards are named to recognize the leadership of Maureen Arcand, a former Movin’ Out board member, former Dane County Board Supervisor, and lifetime disability and housing advocate. Judy was the recipient of the Arcand Social Justice Award.

Judy has been a strong and vocal advocate since the 1980s emphasizing that people with all disabilities, including persons with severe mental illness, have the right to live in regular, integrated housing of their choice, with support services that meet their needs. And she has fought for this vision at the state level in her work as the housing and homeless services specialist at the Department of Health and Social Services, Department of Administration and the Department of Commerce. At the local level she served on the Dane County Board of Supervisors for 12 years Currently, Judy is a member of the Dane County Health Committee, a Board member of Journey Mental Health Center, Forward Community Investments and a commissioner at the Dane County Housing Authority.