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Rosemary Crump & Family - FHLBC Award Winners!

Last Tuesday, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago held a regional meeting of its member institutions in Madison. During lunch that day the bank presented its Community First Awards. The award for Emerging Leader went to Rosemary Crump and her spouse, Phillip Haddix, in recognition of their successful achievement of working with many partners to reach the goal of their sons, Ricci Haddix and Marques Crump, purchasing their very own condominium unit and for all the other work they both do in assisting people with disabilities.

Movin’ Out was part of the team that helped them along the way, with particular efforts by one of our Housing Counselors, Paula Tiffany. BankMutual and AnchorBank were also significant partners in this effort, with BankMutual acting as sponsor for FHLBC financing and AnchorBank providing the first mortgage loan. Howard Mandeville was very instrumental in Movin’ Out’s efforts in the partnership, and he also wrote the application to the FHLB that was submitted for the competition by BankMutual and AnchorBank. Our good friend, Jim Carter, was personally involved on behalf of BankMutual. Rosemary, Phillip, their sons, and their support providers made the trip over to Madison for the luncheon event. Jim Carter came over from Milwaukee as well. Howard and I attended.

We were glad to see Diane Schobert there as well. She was representing Impact Seven, which also received an award. She is the Chair of the FHLBC’s advisory committee on affordable housing. She was also Howard’s predecessor as Executive Director of Movin’ Out, so we had three generations of Movin’ Out Executive Directors present for this occasion. The award that Rosemary and Phillip received carries with it a $10,000 grant from the FHLBC to a charity of their choice. They selected Movin’ Out to receive this gift. THANK YOU Rosemary and Phillip for this gift, but more importantly for your leadership and dedication to assisting people with disabilities. We so very much appreciate all that you do!

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